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Quality standard of Arbutin
Item Index
Appearance White needle crystal or powder
Purity (%)        min 99.5
Melting point(°C) 199 ~ 201(±0.5)
pH value 5.0~7.0(1%aqueous solution)
Heavy metal      max 10ppm
Clarity of water solution Transparency, colorless, none suspended matters
Specific optical rotation -63~-67
Infrared signature peak  1515cm-1   1220cm-1   1050±(5~8)cm-1
Arsenic        max 2 ppm
Loss on drying (%)     max 0.5
Hydroquinone      max 20ppm
Pathogen Bacteria count<300CPU    Fungus<100CPU
This is a general standard, for reference only. Each batch is slightly different. You can send email to us for ask the latest batch of COA.

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