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Introduce of rhEGF

Name: Recombinant human epidermal growth factor (rhEGF)
CAS No.: 62253-63-8
INCI Name: Human Oligopeptide-1
Source: E. coli
Endotoxin level: less than 0.1 ng per μg (1EU/ug).

EGF secreted by each of us, when we were in child times the secretion is the highest, and then it decreased with age increases. Particularly, After 22 years of age, reduced secretion was more pronounced. When we use cosmetics containing EGF, absorbed through the skin, added EGF of our skin exogenously, so that it can make our skin to restore the young state.

We use E.coli by genetic engineering expressed, produced high purity EGF by biological fermentation. It was named Recombinant human epidermal growth factor (rhEGF). rhEGF have same structure with Human epidermal growth factor (EGF), it is a 6.2kDa protein.

egf packaging
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EGF stimulates the proliferation and differentiation of epithelial cells from skin, the cornea, lung and tracheal tissue and the gastrointestinal tract. EGF also promotes the proliferation of fibroblasts and embryonic cells. Thus, EGF plays an important role in wound healing and organogenesis.
EGF is a highly efficient cell division factor with many other biological effects, which mainly includes:
1. stimulating the growth and proliferation of skin, cornea and tracheal epithelium tissue in vivo.
2. Accelerating the healing process of epidermis damage on skin, cornea, etc.
3. Repressing the gastric acid excretion.
4. Accelerating the proliferation of epithelial cells in human and animals.
5. Facilitating the biosynthesis of protein, RNA, DNA as well as metabolic activity in epidermal cells.

First of all, put the EGF dissolved in distilled water. Wait the temperature of cosmetic cream decreased to below 40 degrees Celsius, then put the dissolved solution into the cream, stir the cream to full blending them.

2-8 Deg (in refrigerator) storage, stable within 36 months.
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