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Introduce of Kojic Acid
Name: Kojic acid;
Synonyms: 5-Hydroxy-2-hydroxymethyl-4-pyrone;
Cas No.: 501-30-4;
EINECS No: 207-922-4;
Chemical name: Kojic Acid;
Formal name: 5-hydroxy-2-hydroxymethyl-1,4-pyrone;
Molecular formula: C6H6O4;
Molecular weight: 142.1;
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Molecule structure:

Toxicity: LD50 = 2500-3500mg/kg.

Dissolving water, alcohol, acetone, slightly dissolving ether second ester of second acid, chloroform and pyridine, non-dissolving benzene;
Kojic Acid can be widely used in some scopes, such as food additive, cosmetic, pharmacy etc. Because kojic acid and its ramification can inhibit safest the melanin growing of body-skin, its application is being more and more wide in whiten cosmetic, bath lotion, toothpaste etc. As to its actions of antiseptic、antioxidant and color-care, kojic acid also can be widely used in food aseptic、antioxidant of grease and food、antistaling agent of fruit and vegetable、and color-care antistaling agent of meat products and marine products. In addition, kojic acid can also be used in antibiotic synthetic intermediate products, agriculture plant tutelage and chemical reagent, etc .

Storage: storage out of sunlight, sealed. storage term is 1 years.
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